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What Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List

Anomalies E

Eleanor Rigby

    The double tracking is not brought down fast enough after the end of the second "Ahhh, look at all the lonely people" (in the introduction). It continues until the second syllable of "Eleanor".

The bad mixing of the double tracking continues throughout the rest of the song, every time there is a transition from single to double or vice versa, except at 0:46, for "Father McKenzie".

Fixed in Yellow Submarine remastered version.

    Right channel, "lo" of "lonely" is sung on the wrong note.

Fixed in Yellow Submarine remastered version.

    Left channel, click.

Fixed in Yellow Submarine remastered version.

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

    An edit which joins the intro to the main song.

    High pitched sound, maybe feedback or a harmonic on the right hand guitar, under the word "to".

    Sounds like "... 'cept for me and my Monty"!

    Left channel, a voice shouts "C'mon!"

    Same voice, "C'mon" just ahead of John, twice.

    Various shouts "whoop" "hee-ee-ee" etc. (left channel, moving to centre). These recur around 1:30, and other places. It's quite a wild and enthusiastic backing.

    Bass flub, uncertainty over what bit we're playing here! Neatly slid out of.

    After John's "Woo", but before guitar comes back in, faint sound of the tubular bell, left side, being caught.

    A couple of random clicks or claps, centre.

    A random tap of the snare. Perhaps Ringo thought this part of the riff was over, and was about to start the next section. I suspect that 2:09-2:12 could be a "patch" stuck over a problem, and that the drum tap is sticking out just ahead of the edit.

Every Little Thing

    Someone whistles along to guitar intro, not audible on mono CD.

Pounding sound, just once, during riff. Sounds like a bass drum clonk, also a handclap either side. This sounds like a partial count-in remnant.

    Reported as a clatter of a music stand falling, this is in fact just a very hard "chug-a-chug" acoustic guitar strum.

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