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No Reply

    Between "your window" and "I saw the light" there is a cough and some speech (Stereo version, this is the right channel. Still audible in mono, but harder to hear).

0:30, 0:46, 1:10-1:15
    Drum kit bass pedal squeaking away again.

    Vinyl versions only. Loss of tape reverb on the words "telephone" to "were not home" (This is corrected on the CD, where effects like these are often re-done).

    Reverb and double tracking disappears on words "in my". Also occurs on CD version.

Norwegian Wood

    On early American mono releases of Rubber Soul, there is a cough just before "So I looked around ..."

Not A Second Time

    Shouts in background (mono, also stereo, right channel).

    Possible edit, immediately after Ringo's fill.

    Ringo's bass pedal - guess what? - squeaks.

    Edit just as John starts "time".

    John blows the double tracking by forgetting what he sang the first time round. The two parts don't connect properly.

Nowhere Man

0:19 (CD Version only)
    The reverb and effects on the CD mixes are often re-created using modern equipment. Here the reverb drops off completely through the words "point of view," (gap) "knows not where he's ..."

Fixed in Yellow Submarine remastered, by having no discernible reverb at all!

    Loud feedback tone, slightly to the right and immediately after "you're missing".

    "He's as blind as he can be" after guitar solo is very phased on LP (vinyl). CD version obscures this. Fixed in Yellow Submarine remastered.

    Paul loses the bass line a little, under Ringo's fill (this is what he'd play at the very end, where they repeat the "nowhere plans for nobody" part), and then plays what sounds like an open string, very buzzy.

    "Aaah-la-la-la" - there's one incorrect note (a low one) in the harmony, it makes a very strange chord.

    After last "nobody" there is a clipped "yea". Fixed in Yellow Submarine remastered.

US Versions of Rubber Soul seem to have a stray guitar note in the opening vocal harmony.

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