What Goes On
What Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List

Anomalies O

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da

0:02 Listen!
    Paul says "remember to step it up, John", then coughs, then hums a few notes to hit the opening notes right (0:09). Best heard when this track is OOPS'd. Laughter and joking by the other Beatles too.

    A clap to mark the start of vocal track.

1:08, 1:17
    Three clicks at each of the two points.

    John says "home", in reference to the following line.

    After the line "lets the children lend a hand", the first time George says "arm", and John says "leg".

    In the words "Life goes on, bra / La la how the" there is a vocal punch-in, marked by an audible tweet just after. This is a by-product of the two separate erasing operations, causing an audible sound.

    John says and spells out "home" at 2:13. Some other talking follows.

    After the line "lets the children lend a hand" George says "foot".

Octopus's Garden

0:00, 0:03
    Right channel, the snares on the drumkit rattle audibly to the guitar riff.

    Right channel, a horrible pop sound. At high volumes, this hurts! Is it possible that Ringo accidentally smacked one of the microphones with a drumstick? The pop is in time to the fill.

Oh! Darling

    Click (centred) Maybe from drumsticks? Also, a sharp loud breath.

    The bass note on the down beat goes very dead, almost like a really slack string! The following note is stepped-to correctly.

1:08, also 3:19-3:25
    Daniel Caccavo says :-

"John (or George, I haven't checked the bible) uses guitar amp tremolo in the bridge arpeggiated sections, which is activated by a footswitch. Going into the first (I think it's the first) bridge [1:08], he accidentally pushes the switch one note early, which gives the big chord a tremolo effect (which I'm sure was unintentional). It sort of sounds like a tape dropout, but isn't. He also kicks in the tremolo for the last two chords of the song [3:19] (and the plucking of the ends of the strings at the close)."

    A possible drop-in in the bass line, or slightly late playing of one note here.

Old Brown Shoe

    Keyboard player continues playing "verse" pattern once the solo starts, then quickly corrects to the "solo" pattern.

    Someone "whoops" in the background, or some kind of squeak.

    Isolated "Yeah!" in background.

    Organ crackles and breaks up.

One After 909

Whole song
    Bass guitar intonation is dubious, the higher notes are distinctly sharp, lower notes are a bit flat.

    Occasionally reported as a shout, it's John affirming that he begged her on his bended knees - "Yes I did!"

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