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What Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List


You can contact the author for these reasons, and more, at beatles@signal11.org.uk

Note that my old addresses of mjb@pootle.demon.co.uk, anomaly@pootle.demon.co.uk and beatles@pootle.demon.co.uk are longer valid.

Also note that if you have any bookmarks or links to www.pootle.demon.co.uk they will also require updating.

[1] Earlier versions are a problem, especially when not kept updated -- it means that contributors come across an old version, and then waste their time submitting a load of anomalies that are already in the updated copy. It also wastes my time having to check them just in case there is a genuine new one. Help to stamp out really out of date copies -- mail me, and mail the site's owner too!

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