What Goes On
What Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List


What people have been saying about "What Goes On" ...

THE WORD METICULOUS COMES TO MIND ... for the love of all things holy and sacred, this is something I would do if I were immortal and had the time. I applaud your ambition.


... that was the only strange thing I ever heard, until I saw your site. It's amazing. Thank you. I have, yet again, another whole outlook on those four guys.


I used to think I was a real Beatles fan, ... after working my way through ... I realise that I am a rank amateur. You guys are the real fans - as in fanatics. My hat and Beatles wig are off to you for the unbelievable amount of work - and, clearly, love - that has gone into your efforts.

(Jerry Sitser)

Your site is amazing. For a Beatles freak like me, this site is indispensable.

(Andre Gardner)

Well done! My wife has to drag me off the computer! I would like to congratulate you on the hard work and countless hours you have spent putting all this information together. Fantastic work!


Wow, that's a great site you've put together! Just been checking it out for the umpteenth time.

(Niels de Wit)

For a Beatles geek like me, it's very cool stuff.

(Nick Pavio)

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